Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Shopping

You've heard about the TpT sale that starts tomorrow, right? Because it does. And I could not be more pleased.  I have been quietly adding to my wishlist (OK, so the last few weeks have been more in the "frantic" realm) as I read over student goals, and start to think about how I am structuring this year.  One of the big things I am thinking about is homework.  Homework that will actually get done, is relevant, and maybe, just maybe, might be a little bit of fun, too.  I am inspired by a homework post I read recently that sends home games and activities with the students to help facilitate speech and language at home. I have many articulation bingo cards that I inherited from the SLP who retired before I was hired, but Bingo will only get me so far.  Here's what I'm thinking right now:

1. Quick Drills from Mia of Putting Words In Your Mouth. How cute are these?  The concept is simple, the price is certainly right, and there's a little something for everyone (everything from sports to flip flops to Star Wars!), along with word lists for multiple sounds.  How easy would it be to practice with a student and then send it home so they can show off to their folks?  Just print, laminate, cut, and go.

2. Silly Stories Articulation - s, th, l, ch, sh, j and /r/ & vocalic-r from Speech2U.  These are mad-libs lists by sound.  Neat for some of my reading-level kids. Easy enough to send home a mad-lib story and have the students practice.

3. Speech and Language Homework for a Year and Social Language Homework for a year by If Only I Had Super Powers. Talk about thorough!  A great supplement, and great examples for parents of opportunities they could take to help their student target their goal areas.  And so easy to organize for sending home, which is much appreciated.

Since not everything can be homework, here are some of the other things I have been coveting lately:

1. Secret Agent Articulation by Jenna of Speech Room News.  My students go crazy for QR codes, and love them to bits.  What a great way to incorporate something fun with articulation AND a little vocabulary building. 

2. Idiom of the Week from Speech with Sharon.  My recent office move has put me smack dab in the middle of a hallway that every student passes at least four times a day.  Since my door is in prime real estate, I would like to do an idiom of the week.  My idea is to preview it on week 1 with my students, have them do the worksheet that comes with the activity, and then hang the idiom of the week up with the student definitions the following week.  My students can take pride in their work being on such prominent display and have the opportunity to tell their friends what an idiom means.

3. Evidence Based Practice Quick Reference Binder by Carissa Ten Hoeve from Home Sweet Speech Room.  This year, we are reevaluating our district-wide RtI programs, which includes speech.  There are also talks of new materials, and I anticipate that this binder will be really helpful in my hope to get some new, relevant materials for my buildings.

Have I missed anything?  What are you looking forward to clearing off your wishlist?

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