Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Better Hearing & Speech Month Quiz

It's Better Hearing and Speech Month!  Last year, I didn't get much of a chance to celebrate.  The end of the year is so wonky for me, and I was switching offices on top of it.  I'm learning that May is a crazy time of year for me, because school lets out usually in the last week (although this year we have to go a week into June due to snow days).

This year, I am starting small.  I have been using Sublime Speech's BHSM Packet.  The posters, handouts, and tip sheets are great!

I was inspired to do some advocating for our profession.  I created a quick quiz on Google Docs for my colleagues.  It covers a little bit of everything from the disorders we work with to the estimated yearly cost of voice disorders for teachers.  It's only 7 questions, so it's quick and easy to take.

Think you know everything about our profession, or want to quiz your friends/colleagues? 

If you are from IL, there's a version that includes a question that's state specific.

If you are from anywhere else in the US, here's a version for you.

Both versions have an answer key attached after you take the quiz.

Happy quiz taking/sharing! 

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